Teen Wolf S3 + “It’s okay.”

Fuck’s sake. The next time Teen Wolf murders a teenager, I want them to not say, “it’s okay.” I want them to die raging, angry, scared, panicking, in pain. Don’t give me Romeo, give me Mercutio. I want curses and blame laid upon the guilt-ridden survivors, I want the ugly bitterness of a child dying before their time. If you’re going to give them violent deaths, give them violent deaths. Stop throwing pretty words and soft petals over everything. You wanna be realistic, Teen Wolf? Let these children die as children.

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You want redemption? Find another way to stand and fight.

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Because of Scott.

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i wanna know if this is for real
i’ve gotta know what fate has planned for me
i give in, i give in [x]

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Holland Roden for Byrdie 2014

Holland Roden for Byrdie 2014

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gif battle || stallisons vs hale-stilinski
round two: primary colors + one neutral color

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